Close to Home / Poetry

A Long Story Short

So this is how it goes…

He cheated on her

She left

She left and brought along with her a

A girl – little Daddy’s girl

Now she’s staying with what’s left of her mother

Her mother

Who talked shit about her father

Her father – a womanizer yet a meek lover

A man who talks much

Talks much – but saying sweet things? Never

Little girl believed he never cared

Never cared even if his little girl got bigger

Momma left and left the girl with the meek lover

Meek lover took care of his daughter

Young daughter still hated her father

said to herself “That shit’s a womanizer”

A womanizer let go of his grown daughter

Grown daughter on her own

Then found a lover

Got broken and blames again her father

Sweet daughter now becomes a rebel

The rebel still hated her father

Hurting herself – looking for her mother

Her mother, now with a new lover

New lover – not a womanizer

Has daughters and is a good father

Good father – but not the rebel’s father

Rebel’s got plans – seeking the help of her mother

Not knowing there’s nothing left

Nothing left of her mother

Finally happy – but not really her mother.



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