Daily Dose

To us, who weep and wipe.

To us, who weep and wipe.

Darling, I know it’s hard.

To us, who hide scars and droplets of blood.

It’s gonna be okay, maybe not today but soon enough.

To us, who’s afraid of our own skin.

Don’t think too much about what they said.

You are not too skinny, you are not too fat, you are not too pale and you are not too dark.

You are beautiful inside and out.

To us, who’s been called slut, ugly or even unworthy of their love.

Hang in there. You’re hero will soon be by your side.

To us, who’s feeling alone and and empty inside.

Know that we’ll get through everything…just hold on a little bit tighter.

To us, who weep and wipe.

I know this is overrated but be strong.

It will be alright.


(It was hard for me…saying these words. Since I,myself is going through all these pain. But I made it through this post. We will all make it through.)



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