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Narrow Walls

tumblr_nq3rg7mkvn1uye4uxo1_1280Hi, my name is Daisy.

I’m petite and my hair is short.

Since I was a kid my mind seemed hazy.

Nowhere to go but they said somewhere north.


Cece is what they call me,

for I am a child of despair and of sorrow.

And sweet Daisy doesn’t really suit thee.

cause I don’t have the certainty of waking up tomorrow.


Sometimes in bed, at midnight,

I bump my head on the wall.

But my mouth’s still sealed tight.

No one would hear my anguished pain through the hall.


Since no one’s there to hear it

Even the neighbors wouldn’t care.

At the small round table I eat alone and sit.

No one would notice, even if I got bald and lose all my hair.


The city’s so big

and the lights that shine are bright.

I took a breath on my cig

Yet nothing still seemed right.


The cars they honk,

people outside shout at 3 A.M. out of drunkenness.

A sinful monk

broke his vow out of loneliness.


These narrow walls made out of buildings

are the only things I see.

If vampires were your villains

Mine’s everything, so let me be free.


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