Poetry / Promiscuous Girl / Time Machine Love

My Guilty Pleasure

I count from 1 to 3

then asked you if you were ready.

I saw the hesitation in your eyes

but you said go instead.

I pushed your skinny body onto my squeaky bed,

positioned myself and licked your head.

You were smiling like a nervous little prey ready to surrender

and I smirked like a satisfied predator.

drawing-girl-love-lovers-favim-com-3846329I adored you and your innocence.

My guilty pleasure.

My accidental lover.

You planted a soft kiss on my mouth

and I slapped you,

softly saying “No kissing, remember?”.

You called what we did “love making”

and I simply refer to it as a mission accomplished.

I blew smoke on your asthmatic face

and you act as if you weren’t so annoyed.

You even tried to take it from my hand

and sip from the devil’s straw.

But honey…I’m looking through you

and you reek of normal, mundane shitty fairytale love,

all roses and cruising with your bike.

Well, let me tell you something…

I am not capable of love

and I don’t know how to ride a bike.



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