Daily Dose / Promiscuous Girl / Time Machine Love

Your Alter Ego’s Secret Lover


 you asked me out to dinner.


 you called me and asked if I could meet you later.


 you looked at me with lust and I arched my back just a little.


 you came by and said you already have a lover. I said I knew – 3 years you have been together.


 that’s the name of your fourth admirer.


the flowers bloomed and you said, “get ready for a very warm summer”.


 we finally kissed and I let you touch me. Your skin felt like a razor blade slicing through my body.


 I put on my birthday suit and you let me scratch your back just right; just right so she won’t notice, so she will let you touch her with your callused hands just the same as the way you touched me.


 you disappeared and found a new quest in a skimpy red dress.


 I saw you and the lady in red, you took her to the place where you brought me on our first-let’s call it a- “date”.


 you pleaded for my forgiveness and had the guts to ask for another go, I said no.


 you called wanting to make amends,asking if we could become friends and I stupidly said yes.


 you came by, pizza in your hands asking for a lover’s advice, then slowly leaning for a deceitful kiss. You shoved your tongue inside my mouth as I protest violently. You grabbed both of my arms and put it above my head. Immobile and imprisoned by your hard hold, you went inside me forcefully. I lie crying softly, feeling empty and distressed. You stood up, got dressed, you walked yourself out the door, leaving me undignified with bruises on my arms, my legs, my neck.

The next day, I saw you. You winked and smirked. I felt sick, I shivered,then I ran. I ran and ran until I was in front of an open window, I stepped on the brink, ready to jump with arms wide open. All I can see now is your face, I felt you mouth on my ear whispering, “You. Are. Mine.” just as you pull out of my quivering body.


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