Heart Wants What It Wants / Poetry / Time Machine Love

The Gambler

The nights were getting cold as I watched

how your beautiful eyes

shined when the fireworks erupted.

That was the moment I told you

I loved you.


Though I feared that my innocent heart would frail

I went ahead and be the gambler.

I never really knew

that we were the innocent ones.


Only after I endured a brutal winter

And felt the warmth of the sun  

did I realize that you were just my autumn

who had me dying in the first place.


You said you’d buy me a flower shop

And that I’ll never be lonely.

But you never had the chance to see a single bud

blooming in front of me.


Maybe – just maybe

if you had met me

in the summertime

we would’ve watched each other blossom

into something wonderful on the next season.

Maybe – and just maybe

you would’ve loved me the right way I would’ve you.


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