Close to Home / Poetry

All-Time Terrors

One cigarette after the other,

the coffee pot is empty again

Damn this must be the end of me

I looked past the buildings,

away from the city lights,

its putrid smell

and the narrow walls

This city is so bright

Lights are flickering endlessly

Yet there’s something looming

above my head, beneath my feet

beside me in chem lab.

Sometimes they make the wall seem so far away,

sometimes the floor disappear,

they make me feel like a marshmallow

under a working hydraulic press.

They did not stop even when I close my eyes

At night, they chase me and shoot me in the head,

Or push me in the current,

drowning endlessly into the Pacific

I screamed and screamed once they feast

on the flesh of my feet

I can’t hear myself

Have I gone deaf?


Have I gone mad?

They’re whispering now

cut cut cut cut cut

I let the blade bite my yellowish skin

dark red liquid came oozing

and off they go.

The monsters have gone.


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